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What is a Field Inspector? How Much Money Does a Field Inspector Make? Why Become a Field Inspector? Pros and Cons of Being a Field Inspector Field Inspector Quotes

Field inspector’s jobs include that of actually validating information and produce reports about residential and commercial dimensions for various establishments. For instance, an insurance agency may hire a field inspector jobs to scrutinize a home potential troubles before supplying insurance policy to the owner. Banks can rely on their hired field inspector to check on foreclosed property and validate that it is vacant and he is tasked to make minor maintenance to assure the protection of the said property. Field inspectors are ordinarily trained by companies that specialize with field services and they are expected to provide their own equipment.

Thinking about entering the world of field inspector job? Here are some steps to start you on the journey of how to become a field inspector.

Step 1: Initially, determine local companies that offer field inspector jobs. Visit websites, such as the Society of Field Inspector’s, that provide information and detailed list of regional and national companies of field inspection. Request for a directory and after receiving it scan for email addresses of companies that are located within your area.

Step 2: Create a resume which includes all pertinent information and credential, recent photo and relevant skills that should be included. If for instance you have license corresponding to Real Estate, it is important to also include it in the resume.

Step 3: Send this email to as many applicable companies as possible. Make an impression that you are available for work anytime and precisely what you line of service you can offer your best assets.

Step 4: Patiently wait for a response.

Step 5: Once you get your first feedback for a field inspector job, it is important that you must directly demonstrate that you are worth the job and the trust. Accomplish the entire task in appropriate timelines, with thorough documentation as evidence by photos and a detailed log sheet.

Step 6: As you get the hang out of it, and you have proven that you can be an asset to the company, they will of course notice this. Be prepared because in no time you can book multiple field inspector jobs each week.

What is a Field Inspector?

As mentioned above, field inspectors are the one certain companies trust to personally validate information and produce reports needed according to their policy. But what does field inspector do? The responsibilities of field inspector jobs deviate and differ to the type of inspection they are assigned to. Although, generally they are expected to drive to location, conduct ocular observation, snap photos and file a written report.

There are various type field inspector jobs rampant in this veer of career. Some of the most common is those that revolve around insurance (Insurance Inspections, Insurance Loss Inspections, etc.), mortgage (Property Inspections) and lending. Some companies would want to know the condition of a residence if it is still occupied or already vacant. It is here that the field inspector job comes in. He or she will be responsible for checking this location and taking vital information and evidence through photos. Another example, insurance companies would want to determine the scope of insurance coverage of a client. It is the job of the field inspector to go through the location provided that the appointment is made ahead of time.

Ordinarily, field inspector jobs are given a 24 to 48 framework to accomplish their assigned task, from driving, taking of the photos and filling up of the information written outputs. To play it safe, taking more photos than expected is a step up, in this manner there is plenty of dimensions and vantage point you can provide the company you are working for. To accomplish almost all field inspection, you will need a cell phone, a computer or a laptop, a scanner or fax machine, a digital camera and it would help a lot if you have a fast internet connection.

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How Much Does a Field Inspector Make?

Field inspector job can be full time or part time and the field it has of specialties also, so the payment varies a lot. For freelancers, they are paid from $25, $50, or up to $100 per day and every time they complete each task, from snapping a photo and completing the written reports that accompanies it, and the best part is they can do this online at home.

An average field inspector job can amount to $500 a week just by completing 10 inspections. So, can you imagine now how much can field inspector earn when working double time?

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Why Become a Field Inspector?

So now you know how to become a field inspector, but why would you? The business of filed inspection is great and it is stable. There is now an exceeding demand for independent representatives in relation to not enough trained field inspectors that needs to be accomplished on daily basis. Field inspector job is a great ascending career trend now a day. Some of the benefits of this job include flexible working hours, you can choose to do it on either a full time or part time scale, it is easy and the start-up cost is not expensive.

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Pros and Cons of Working as a Field Inspector


  • The business is a not a new trend, therefore there is stability in it.
  • The best part is it pays real fast.
  • There are lot of companies who hire field inspector.
  • This job has a unique ability to give inspectors to set their own schedule and/or at the comfort of their homes.
  • One can choose which field inspections he or she wishes to complete.
  • Most companies will provide field inspection trainings.


  • Although there is stability in the job, there is no career growth.
  • Some companies offer full time but as a whole, field inspector jobs comprise part time or supplemental income rather than a residual income.

Field Inspector Quotes

“Inspectors need to have basic proficiency with technology, good communication skills and be able to search public property records. That is all it is about.” -W.G., CA

“There are plenty of field inspector jobs for those who are serious about it.” –S.O., WY