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What does a hotel inspector do? How much money does a hotel inspector make? Why become a hotel inspector? Pro’s and Con’s of Being a hotel inspector? Hotel Inspector Quotes

The job of a hotel inspector is probably the best job in the world. Why? Because one gets paid for living the good life! Hotel inspectors travel from one place to another and check in hotels in the guise of a regular customer. They dine at the hotel’s restaurant; get to try out the services of the hotel’s spa, gym and the bar. After staying for a night or two, usually depending on how big the hotel is and how many are the services being offered, a hotel inspector is expected to make a thorough evaluation about the cleanliness and service of the hotel.

Best job in the world, yes, but one of the hardest to get. (If you see a position on our travel jobs board, apply for it immediately!)

Hotel inspectors are hired by the management as a part of evaluating their hotel’s services in order to ensure that they give out excellent quality customer service and that the hotel maintains excellent standards.  There are also PR and hospitality firms who regularly contract out these services. Typically, all other employees of the hotel are not privy to the existence of the hotel inspector, though sometimes an inspector may do a site visit and be known by the staff.  The main reason for the secrecy is for the hotel inspector to be able to evaluate the normal routine of day-to-day business, when the employees are not aware that somebody is there to observe.

If you love traveling and are one of those people who do not mind to be always on the road, living life out of a suitcase, then a hotel inspector job would understandably be your dream job. You will have the experience of traveling to different places, meet new people and get the chance to learn their culture. But you also must understand a lot about the expectations of various hotel ratings and what to look for, it’s not just about your own personal preferences.

If you want this dream job, then here are some tips on how to be a hotel inspector:

  • Get a degree in hospitality management. (Not easy or quick, sorry, but it is often a requirement of the role!) The job of a hotel inspector is competitive because of the perks that it gives. Many hotels and restaurants require their hotel inspectors to have a hospitality management degree to assure excellent quality evaluation reports. Check out your local college and universities, most schools offer this course. Another way in is to get a quality management degree. This course is also offered by most schools as a bachelor’s degree or associate degree.
  • Get job experience. Hotel inspectors start their career at the bottom. They start at the entry-level position as a front desk clerk, a room service staff, and then as a concierge. Starting at the bottom makes one knowledgeable in all the hotel operations aspects. Another route in how to become a hotel inspector is to visit other hotels and observe how they operate. Write down your observations and review them every now and then, checking out if you have missed any details.
  • Practice writing evaluations and reviews. One important aspect on how to become a hotel inspector is your writing skills and your attention to details. Making a report that is free from grammatical errors, detailed, objective and unbiased is what most hotel owners look for in a hotel inspector. Your review is a vital part of their management decision and the jobs of other people are at stake, so the ability to make a fair, unbiased and just review is a crucial part of this job.
  • Prepare your Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume. Make a polished, thorough and professional resume and submit it to job vacancies you can find. Most hotels post their job vacancies at their website so scour the net, but you may also find positions on our travel jobs listings. Make sure though that your cover letter reflects your personality and highlights your quality traits needed to become a good hotel inspector. Your CV should also reflect your patience and seriousness in your goal of entering the hotel management industry.  Remember that these documents will be the first thing that the hiring personnel will see, so try to make a good impression.
  • Get the job. The road on how to become a hotel inspector is not an easy one. This is a difficult career to break in due to its perks and high earning potential. You must be aggressive in pursuing a career in this field by constantly searching online for vacancies, attending job fairs and networking with other hotel inspectors.

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What does a hotel inspector do?

Hotel inspectors are either employed by the large hotel chains or hired by independent review agencies like Michelin, AAA and Zagat. Company-hired hotel inspectors have vast knowledge of crucial details such as the hotel’s quality standards; policies and procedures; and business strategy. They visit the company’s hotels (wherever they may be located) and they make an assessment whether the hotels that they visited adhere to the company’s policies and procedures.  They will then proceed to make a report about it and submit the report to the management. The hotel inspector reports to the company’s management for further instructions on the next hotel review visit, required reports and other duties and responsibilities.

Hotel inspectors hired as an independent contractor by the hotel owner or management checks in anonymously at the hotel and secretly conducts an evaluation of the hotels amenities and services.  The tasks of an independent hotel inspector are:

  • Assessment of housekeeping standards of the hotel, specifically on the bedroom, bathrooms, restaurants and lobby. They also assess the room service as well as the menu and restaurant service.
  • They arrange for a second hotel inspector when in doubt of their reports, something like getting a second opinion.
  • They also do meet ups with other hotel inspectors to compare and evaluate their reports.

After gathering the vital information that is needed and making an evaluation report, the hotel inspector makes a final evaluation, gives out service scores, put in comments and collates photos about the hotel operations and highlights specific areas that are in need of improvements.

Keep in mind that these assessments are not just “how you felt.” They’re based on detailed guidelines and expectations that you must learn and apply to your reports and inspections. The details get very specific – for example, some star ratings require that the hotel have fresh flowers in every room. You’ll have to be able to put personal preferences aside to do this job properly.

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How much money does a hotel inspector make?

By now, you would have probably realized that the path on how to become a hotel inspector takes a lot of patience and work. The good news is that once you are able to break into this career, then you can expect to experience luxury at someone else’s expense. This career is a very rewarding career in terms of the enjoyment you will get out of working and what ultimately clinches the deal is the career’s earning potential. According to Michelin, a leading independent review agency, a hotel inspector spends about 130 nights in a hotel and dines at 240 restaurants in a year. Earning potential of a hotel inspector ranges to from 20k to 60k US Dollar per year, based on experience.

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Why become a hotel inspector?

Being a hotel inspector is a very rewarding job for many. First, you get the chance to travel to exotic places like India and Malaysia and stay at luxurious hotels for free. Then you are given the opportunity to try out the hotel’s cuisine, spa treatments and bars. Talk about drinking on the job! It is obvious:  you’ll get to work and then have fun at the same time. If you are wanderlust, then becoming a hotel inspector is the perfect job for you. You’ll satisfy your need to travel and take on a new challenge in a different place meeting new people and culture. If you are seriously considering taking on this career, don’t forget to take to heart the tips on how to be a hotel inspector.
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Pros and Cons of Being a Hotel Inspector

A hotel inspector job is indeed living the sweet life; however, there is also some bitterness to it. Yes you can travel to different places all the time and experience living a luxurious life of the rich and the famous by trying out different five star hotels. But this is not the case all the time. What if you’ll get an assignment in a remote country area to try out a local inn or motel? Maybe you’ll be sent to a troubled property to understand what’s going on – not all experiences are great.

How to become a hotel inspector is challenging as a work and to your personal relationships as well. You have to be on the road constantly, which can be an emotional and physical drag.

Also, the job has a lot of seniority to it, and you must work your way up into the most valuable of positions. This can take some time, given that these positions are few and far between.

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Hotel Inspector Quotes

Many hotel inspectors enjoy their job so much. They get the chance to fulfill their wanderlust and get paid for it too. In fact one famous hotel inspector Trent Walsh said about his top picks of hotels:

“Dalai Langkawi in Malaysia-a cool Asian Zen concept and impeccable service. The Beverly Hills Hotel because it’s fun. The Oberoi Vanyavillas in India – tents on the edge of a tiger preserve. The Peninsula in Hong Kong because it’s just how a hotel should be run. Claridges in London – it’s so beautiful.”

Another hotel inspector, Mr. Fred Chrystal has this to say about an experience at the Highlands while inspecting a local hotel with below standards amenities and service:

“This is not on. There are no standards here and I don’t think they are possible.’ They just turned round and said they’d changed their mind and did not want one.”

Indeed being a hotel inspector gives you the best of both worlds, from luxurious hotels in exotic places to down and out hostels in remote areas, this job is really an exciting and challenging job for anybody who wants adventure and spontaneity in life.
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