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How Do I Become A Secret Service Agent? How Much Money Does A Secret Service Agent Make? Why Become Work As A Secret Service Agent? Pros and Cons of Being A Secret Service Agent? Secret Service Agent Quotes

Becoming a Secret Service Agent in the undercover world involves a lot of hard work. It is a mind setting and a mind blowing experience. Dedication to work is a necessity since it involves protective and investigative work. It is not an office work routinely done but it is a matter of vigilance that one should employ on the line of duty. Meeting a lot of people and travelling to many places are also a plus factor of being a secret service agent. A secret service agent is a unique profession if one considered it as a career.

But how to become a secret service agent? It is not easy to become one since it is very competitive in nature. If you consider spying as an enjoyable career then secret service agent is for you. These are the following must-have requirements on how to become a secret service agent. An applicant:

  • Must be a US Citizens and between the ages of 21 and under 37 years of age at the time of the appointment.
  • Should be a Bachelor’s degree graduate in any major, with electives in pre-law, criminal justice, law enforcement, police science and criminology and other similar courses.
  • Applicants must be determined physically fit by an authorized government physician, which includes vision (possess visual acuity no worse than 20/60 uncorrected, correctable to 20/20 in each eye), hearing, cardiovascular and mobility of extremities.
  • Obtain application form through the U.S. Secret Service office nearest you. Please take note of a thorough background investigation after submission of application.
  • Passing the written exam, drug screening and polygraph test is a must. Eight weeks of general investigative training for successful applicants is given at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Georgia.
  • Special agent courses training and tests in Washington, D.C., including firearms training.
  • Successful applicants will get an assignment in the field, as on-the-job training for one year and can be recommended as a permanent agent after that year, depending on performance.

Basing on the above qualifications, there is no easy way to become a secret service agent since it will requires blood, sweat, vigilance, dedication, perseverance and loyalty to work.

How Do I Become A Secret Service Agent?

A Secret Service agent is a superhero because it blends with everything. You can pose as a policeman, bodyguard, gadget master, you can be a bomb expert detonator, a sharpshooter, you name it and a secret service agent has it all. Through rigid trainings and hard work, she/he can read people’s intentions from their body language and facial expressions. A secret service agent has a different scheduling of work. It depends on the project you’ve been assigned. As they say, if you are into this work you have to expect the unexpected.

On the other hand, there are Secret Service Agents who works on a regular working days; they are the agents that counteract currency counterfeiters, identity theft, major fraud conspiracy and scam that targets the government and the individual.

The work of a Secret Service Agent lies on his loyalty and dedication that puts his/her life in danger. They promise their lives on the line should one of the people they are protecting is threatened, whether by an insane person or by the disagreement on political views, a natural calamity and the dreaded terrorist activity. Secret Service Agents are carefully selected from many applicants. Most of them are the very best students at law enforcement academies and are at times recruited from the FBI or Special Services units of the military, like the Navy SEALS. An agent must be courageous, elegant and able to change plans and an instant decision maker.

It is also the job of the Secret Service Agents to protect the United States President and the Vice President and their siblings, ex-presidents, and foreign heads visitors and important public figures. They also make a lot of advance preparations at every location around the country and around the world before the president travels in order to prevent every possible threat. Some of them do not have off duty but they love their careers, and most of them stay in their jobs for many years.

How Much Does A Secret Service Agent Make?

The secret service agent salary is administered by the Homeland Security department.

  • Secret Service Agent in Uniforms
  • They are posted in the White House, the United States Vice President’s place, and the Treasury Building, in addition to traveling with the United States President and foreign public figures.

    The Secret Service agents in Uniform salary is based on the federal Law Enforcement scale, with an initial remuneration base on LE-1 level, which has an annual initial income of $52,018 as of 2011.

  • Secret Service Agent Salary on special mission
  • They are the elite groups that wear plain clothes in order to protect officer’s executive in rank, their siblings and foreign public officials. They are on at GL-7 or GL-9 level basing on their experience and educational attainment.

    There are 10 steps division on each pay grade. It provides Secret Service Agents on special mission within grade wage increases without the necessity to be promoted to a higher salary grades. GL-7 agent’s salary base ranges from $38,511 to $48,708 yearly, while GL-9 agents may have an income between $42,498 and $55,413 yearly as of 2011.

  • Locality Pay Adjustment
  • The Personnel Management office provides locality pay adjustment that serves as a guide payment on the variation of cost of living in every part of the country. Secret Service agents posted in Washington, D.C., receive a locality pay adjustment of 24.22 percent in addition to their base wage. Secret Service Agents in the position to protect ex- presidents in other areas receive differing locality pay adjustments to their base salary.

    Besides the well-paid salary that a Secret Service Agent can receive he is also eligible to participate in the following programs like the Federal Flexible Spending ,Federal Holidays, Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP),Retirement, Thrift Savings Plan, Benevolent Fund, Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI), Annual and Sick leave and Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB)

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Why Work As A Secret Service Agent?

The Secret Service Agents responsibility is so enormous that makes his life at risk. But there are reasons why people choose to become a Secret Service Agent:

  • First, the salary range and benefits. It is hard to resist an annual starting salary of $52,018 as of 2011, especially that we are unstable in our economy.
  • The training on how to become a Secret Service Agent may be difficult, but it can be fun and self enhancing as well. After all, a Secret Service Agent is trained on survival and security.
  • The famous people; A Secret Service Agents work can be very social at times and sometimes great acquaintances are made.
  • Fourth and perhaps the greatest benefit of being a Secret Service Agent, is traveling with the famous leaders and dignitaries that are absolutely free, which gives great opportunity to see the world.

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Pros and Cons of Being a Secret Service Agent

There is always a positive and a negative side to affect one’s profession. In this case, being a Secret Service Agent has its perks and sacrifices as well.


Here are the following perks on being a Secret Service Agent

  • Travel a lot that gives an opportunity to see the world and expose to people and places that most people can only dream of.
  • Excellent pay and great benefits
  • Work can be rewarding at times
  • You get to meet and interact with all sorts of people
  • Training is fun and life enhancing
  • You get to better yourself, physically, socially and psychologically


There are a lot of things to consider with regards to the negative aspects of a Secret Service Agent. Here are the disadvantages to being a Secret Service Agent:

  • It can get hectic schedule and sometimes no day off. Secret Service Agent jobs are time demanding.
  • The training on how to become a Secret Service Agent is rigorous, as you are to undergo extensive firearms training and investigative training. Carrying a weapon and understanding the dangers associated with it are extremely serious responsibility and it needs diligence.
  • In many situations, you risk your life to successfully protect an individual or to complete a task.

The perks are great, but so is the risk of your life. Only you can choose whether this balance is right for you.

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Secret Service Quotes

“We have entered the era of the “imperial” former presidency with lavish libraries, special staffs and benefits, around-the-clock Secret Service protection for life and other badges of privilege.” -Lawton Chiles

“The Secret Service has announced it is doubling its protection for John Kerry. You can understand why – with two positions on every issue, he has twice as many people mad at him.” -Jay Leno(American TV Host and Comedian)